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Ok, so I realized I never actually MADE a post for people to comment on. Silly me.

Let's play Get To Know Morgan Better, shall we? We shall.

Morgan is:

*German & Irish
*Left handed
*Free thinking
*A poet
*Neat freak
*Allergic to horses
*Sweet & kind
*Ashamed of her country
*Single, as of about a month ago

Morgan has:

*2 eyebrow piercings
*Long brown hair
*Blue eyes
*6 fish & a puppy
*1 brother & 1 step-sister
*Another step-brother & step-sister that she doesn't claim
*A mommy & a daddy that is actually her step-daddy
*No life!

Morgan hates:

*Having no life
*Pres. Bush
*Racists/Homophobic/Overall ignorant people
*Strawberries & Cherries
*Dr. Pepper
*Predictable movies
*Hates, absolutely detests when people write words in all capital letters EXCEPT for the I's (Example: SiCK/STUPiD) *Vomits*

Morgan loves:

*Germany & Ireland
*Her friends
*Green Day
*Going to concerts
*Billie Joe Armstrong (Back off, he's mine)

Morgan is this person right here:

An this is her eye:


If you have seen this girl, please conta- I mean.. If you think you would get along well with this girl, go ahead an add her. You know you want to. You also know you want to leave a comment first announcing your presence. :D

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